April Showers and May Flowers

You know the old saying that “April showers bring May flowers.” The month of May brings a lot of other fun stuff, too, including: May Day, Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth be with you!”), Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day - just to mention a few. On top of that, the whole month of May is National Home Improvement month!

10 Steps to Take Before You Start Your Remodeling Project


Just because May is National Home Improvement Month doesn’t mean your remodeling projects will automatically take care of themselves! Often, it’s the steps you take before the physical remodeling begin that make your remodeling successful.

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April Fools pranks are not a uniquely American tradition - but in other countries they have their own character. In France, for instance, the victim of a prank on the first day of April is referred to as a "poisson d'avril," or “April fish” (Referring to a young fish that is easily caught.) Many French pranks include a fish or at least a vague reference to one within the joke being played.

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With March here, it may not quite be time to start planting your garden, but it’s a great time to “plant seeds” for a home remodeling project.

That’s because a successful home remodeling project doesn’t happen overnight. It requires thought, planning, and preparation. Doing your homework now means that when it’s time to actually start your project, you’ll be better prepared when the hammers and saws actually come out.

Where do you begin? It helps to prioritize your needs. A simple chart like the one you see here can help you identify your home renovation needs according to things that are “Must-haves”, “Nice-to-haves”, and “If-money-was-no-object”.

Must Have Nice-to-Have If-Money-Was-No-Object
Kitchen redesign for more workspace and breakfast nook.

Island in the kitchen

New appliances

Larger window for more light

Granite countertops

Wood flooring

Replace fixtures in Guest bath/powder room

New cabinets

New sink

Fun, “artsy” sink and extra built-in storage
Replace worn deck on rear of house Extend deck to allow for more seating/grill Create “outdoor kitchen” on the deck with built-in seating.


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Leap Year Traditions

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A blog can make all the difference with your website – they add credibility to your business, provide useful and interesting information to your viewers and add phenomenal SEO value, making your business easy to find online. Blogging takes time, but it definitely pays off in the long run. Consistently update your blog with posts that are relevant to your industry.

New Years Resolutions for Your Home

New Years Resolutions are still a big part of our post-holiday culture. Unfortunately, according to even though 40 percent of Americans make resolutions, only 8 percent keep them! Of course the most popular resolutions tend to focus on losing weight and getting fit. No wonder only 8 percent of the population keeps those kind of resolutions!

Maybe it’s time for a resolution you’ll actually keep. The holidays aren’t just about eating—they’re about getting together with friends and family. And while that’s wonderful, there’s nothing like a full house to bring out the areas of your home that need a little help.

If you hosted guests this holiday season, m...

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About Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” List

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Tantalizing Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

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For many of us, the first thing we think about when we see the calendar turn to October is Halloween. The grocery stores have had Halloween candy for sale since August. Big box stores have had candy and costumes on display for almost that long. But Halloween isn’t until the end of the month.

There’s lots of other good stuff that happens before then. People living in the northern part of the US generally see the first frost and get to watch the leaves starting to turn. If you live in the south, the temperatures have begun to be bearable (and the snowbirds haven’t arrived, yet!). All across the country, Starbucks offers pumpkin lattes. And baseball fans settle in for the World Series (while football and basketball fans a...

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September is National Preparedness Month - a month when all of us are reminded to make simple plans that can have a huge impact if we’re faced with natural disasters. This year, will focus on a different theme each week:

• Week 1: September 1-5th - Flood
• Week 2: September 6-12th - Wildfire
• Week 3: September 13-19th - Hurricane
• Week 4: September 14-26th - Power Outage

And while nobody likes to think about emergencies, a small amount of preparation can mean the difference between safety and disaster. Click here for more information about how to prepare your home and family to stay safe in difficult times.

Home Remodeling: Are You Ready For Some Football (or the New Fall Shows)?

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