Design Services


For over a decade, Kabinetree Koncepts has been providing Houghton Lake residents and business owners with the highest quality Houghton Lake kitchen and bathroom design services. Our professional design team has the skills and expertise you need to help complete any residential or commercial remodeling project. Our design experts assist you in making your dream kitchen or bathroom become a reality.

At Kabinetree Koncepts, we carry cabinet, countertop, flooring, window treatment, and plumbing materials and products from all of the major manufacturers. Our design specialists help you created a beautiful living space using the highest quality products. Our team will measure the prospective remodeling space for free and will provide free estimates. We have installers that can complete the project, or we can work hand in hand with the contractor of your choice.

If you need to hire a design specialist to assist you with renovating your bathroom or kitchen, call our Houghton Lake remodeling contractor. Our design services are customized to meet you and your Houghton Lake family’s tastes and needs. We will provide you with a wide range of samples of the highest quality cabinet, countertop, flooring, and plumbing fixtures and materials. We guarantee that you will love the new look of your Houghton Lake kitchen, bathroom, or living space.

Houghton Lake Interior Design Services Customized to Your Needs

At Kabinetree Koncepts, we are not just a retail operation selling the highest quality cabinet, countertop, flooring, and plumbing materials. Rather, our team assists Houghton Lake customers throughout their entire commercial and residential remodeling projects. Our team realizes that the success of a remodeling project depends on your satisfaction. For this reason, our design services are focused on providing you with the most customized kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces possible.

Our design team will assess the current layout of your property and will inquire as to your particular needs and tastes. We will then provide you with a wide range of materials and fixtures so that you can make the choice that best fits your aesthetic goals. By customizing our work to you, we can guarantee that you will love the addition to your Houghton Lake property for years to come.

Houghton Lake Design Services Including High Quality Materials

Part and parcel to our expert design services is the fact that Kabinetree Koncepts provides you with the highest quality materials directly from the manufacturer. Our design experts use their expertise to ensure that your new Houghton Lake living space is highly functional and beautiful. Our installers can ensure that these benefits are long-lasting by using the best flooring, countertop, and cabinet materials. Your Houghton Lake home or business will look amazing for years to come.